Auðkenni ehf. - ERRORS


This error message means that there was a problem retrieving information from the state Population Register.
If you receive this error message, try registering again: it may have been a simple connection error.

If nothing work contact Auðkenni:
Tel: 530-0000.

The security requirements for biometric identification are very strict. The registration process will be stopped as soon as there is a reason to suspect a possible security breach.

Error message: document locked

Reason: you’ll see this error message when something has caused the biometric identification to fail. In most cases the reason is a simple thing such as you were unable to scan your passport successfully, the face recognition failed, you made several mistakes when filling in the registration forms or the process took too long (or was paused or halted) etc.

Result: In order to protect you from possible identity theft, your document will be locked for a certain period of time (i.e. for 24 hours). You’ll be able to try biometric registration again after that.

Important to know! Temporary time locks will be applied a limited number of times before the lock becomes permanent.

Error message: registration terminated

Reason: you’ll see this error message when you’ve had a few failed attempts at biometric registration and the document you used has been permanently locked.

Result: your document has been permanently blocked from being used for biometric registration. The document itself remains unchanged and you can still use it in other channels, i.e., as a travel document.

Important to know! Permanent locks can’t be removed by you or our customer service – this particular document has been blocked from biometric registration forever.

My document got locked, what should I do?

If your document has a temporary lock, you have several options.

First of all you can use this mandatory waiting time to make sure you will be successful on you next try. Read our tips and good practices for biometric registration.

If your document has been locked permanently and you need to register an account, you will need to use another method like going to one of our registration offices.

Don’t forget that you can keep using your document in other channels (as a travel document for example). This block only applies to the document being used for biometric registration and it does not affect the document itself!